rewild co. perfumes - 10 ml

  • rewild co. perfumes - 10 ml
  • rewild co. perfumes - 10 ml

1. Oak - A vintage feel.
The dreaming of adventures & secret places. Of living an uncomplicated life. Of fresh mornings & fresh starts. Traveling, exploring through cloudy mist & mountainous terrain.
key notes // Sandalwood & Linden Blossom
hints of // Amyris wood & Cypress
eau de parfum ^18%

2. Clover
Green, mossy creeks and resin-filled Woods. Fall in love with the deep, dark forest. A wonderland of wild scents.
key notes // Violet Leaf & Labdanum Resinoid
hints of // White Grapefruit & Palo Santo
eau de parfum ^18%

3. Violet
Lingering in dark, moody corners with the rich velvet & deep hues.
Breathe deeply the magical richness. This smouldering scent is sophisticated & dramatic.
key notes // Black musk, Rosewood & Amber
hints of // Vetiver & Elemi
eau de parfum ^18%

4. Woods
The warmth of a wood cabin in the depths of the forest. A flickering flame. The creaking of wooden floorboards underfoot. The steam from freshly brewed coffee.
key notes // Oakmoss, Petitgrain & Palo Santo
hints of // Cedarwood Atlas & Rosewood
eau de parfum ^18%

5. Haze
Walk the season of Winter in a Haze. With an earthy collection of Vetiver & Oakmoss bringing you to the deepest darkest corners of the mountains.
The Winter sun arrives, warming your face, as you smile and pull the blanket around you. The sounds of nature echo. You feel grounded, peaceful and connected. This is Haze. ‘
Key notes: // Tonka Bean, Vetiver & Oakmoss
hints of: // Vanilla & Amber

Such a beautiful gift x