rewild co. perfumes - 10 ml

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  • Image of rewild co. perfumes - 10 ml

1. Oak - A vintage feel.

The dreaming of adventures & secret places. Of living an uncomplicated life. Of fresh mornings & fresh starts. Traveling, exploring through cloudy mist & mountainous terrain.
key notes // Sandalwood & Linden Blossom
hints of // Amyris wood & Cypress
eau de parfum ^18%

2. Clover

Green, mossy creeks and resin-filled Woods. Fall in love with the deep, dark forest. A wonderland of wild scents.
key notes // Violet Leaf & Labdanum Resinoid
hints of // White Grapefruit & Palo Santo
eau de parfum ^18%

3. Violet

Lingering in dark, moody corners with the rich velvet & deep hues.
Breathe deeply the magical richness. This smouldering scent is sophisticated & dramatic.
key notes // Black musk, Rosewood & Amber
hints of // Vetiver & Elemi
eau de parfum ^18%

4. Woods

The warmth of a wood cabin in the depths of the forest. A flickering flame. The creaking of wooden floorboards underfoot. The steam from freshly brewed coffee.
key notes // Oakmoss, Petitgrain & Palo Santo
hints of // Cedarwood Atlas & Rosewood
eau de parfum ^18%

Such a beautiful gift x