"it is always the simple that produces the marvellous." - amelia barr

Tom's studio - Fountain Pen Ink - Pigment Black

$36.00 AUD

Pigment Rich, waterproof and Lightfast what's more to love!

Great news, my amazing pigment-based waterproof ink works perfectly in a fountain pen as well as the Lumos. Which means UV rays don't stand a chance; nothing is being dulled here! And you can confidently lay watercolours or other inks on top without fear of bleeding.

Made in the UK, this ink stands up to the finest American, Japanese and German equivalents.

Good to Know:
- Pigment Black dries a matte charcoal black.

- Each bottle holds 50ml of this lovely ink, enough to keep you going for reams of writing, drawing or doodling.

- All of our inks are water-based, acid-free, non-toxic, and are vegan-friendly.

- Each Ink comes beautifully presented in a stunning bottle and antique laid paper, gold-foiled label packaged in an embossed box.