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Blanc + Nero La Collection Francaise

$24.95 AUD

Each candle has been crafted with the utmost care and precision, making for the perfect addition to your home or the ideal gift for that special someone.

The team at Blanc + Nero pride themselves on the finer details + the individuality of each candle. From our unique scents, hand signed labels + of course, our trademark real wax stamps.

Made with essential oil extracts
100 percent natural soy wax
100 percent cotton, lead-free wicks
Hand-poured on the Sunshine Coast Australia

65 g single wick

Cozy Chateau + Malt Cigar
Inspired by a traditional château nestled in the French countryside. Imagine yourself cozied up by the fireplace, surrounded by rustic decor + plush furnishings. The crackling of the fireplace fills the room with warmth, while the cozy ambience invites you to relax + unwind. This woody scent combines the warmth of mahogany, earthy oak-moss, sweet honey iris + dry hay, finished with the richness of toasted malt.

Lemon Meringue Roulade
Inspired by an enchanting evening of exquisite dining, where flickering candelabras cast a warm, intimate glow + the soulful melodies of soft jazz fill the air. A truly delectable tribute to these unforgettable culinary moments, designed to capture the essence of sophistication + pure indulgence. This decadent scent combines fluffy vanilla sponge cake, home-made zesty lemon curd, smooth brandy, toasted hazelnut + finishes with swirls of torched meringue.

Cassis Vineyard + Glace Cherry
Inspired by a provincial cassis vineyard on a sunny day, perfectly encapsulating the essence of strolling through the endless rows of lush vines heavy with ripe fruit, with the sweet + tangy scent of sugared cherries wafting through the air, creating a bright + refreshing sensory experience that is both invigorating and calming. This fruity scent combines the freshness of green leaves, sweet cassis, sensual jasmine, warm tonka bean + candied cherry.